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Sell a Mobile Home in the Winter

If you need to sell a mobile home in the winter? Here are some insights to help you prep your home for a sale and get the best payout available on the market.

Sell a Mobile Home in Winter Even During the Worst Month to Sell a House

Even though it might be a little harder to sell a mobile home in winter, homes do sell regardless of the weather.

Recent data tells us that approximately 1.76 million homes sold in January, and another 1.69 million in February. That’s nearly 3.5 million homes over two months — including the shortest month of the year! So don’t feel discouraged, get all the documents you need to sell a mobile home ready or call us for a quote to get ahead quicker!

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Affordability and Mobile Home Prices

Homes sold in winter months can net a lower premium than those sold in warm-weather months. (The premium is the amount paid over the home’s estimated market value.) 

A significant portion of the mobile home market is buyers looking for an affordable alternative to the expenses associated with buying traditionally built homes. They don’t enter the market ready to jump on high premiums in competitive markets. An attractive mobile home priced right will sell in winter just like in warmer months.

Mobile Home Buyers

The summer months are more appealing in real estate market for a few reasons:

  • Kids are between school years, making a summertime move the best time to change school districts without too much disruption. 
  • Longer days and warmer weather encourage prospective home buyers to head out for tours and open houses.
  • Moving possessions such as large pieces of furniture is easier without issues of cold, snow (or cold rain), and ice to consider.

It’s the collective small inconveniences of a wintertime move that tell you home buyers are motivated. 

A winter move also can suggest a change in employment — either a new employer or a promotion that prompts a relocation — which underscores the desire of the prospective homebuyer to close a deal. They have a lot going on, resources, and no time to lose.


Colette, East Stroudsburg PA

“Natalya and her team did their best to help me with selling my home. It was on the market for almost two months before I reached out and asked for some help to sell. The whole process was super easy and fast – it took us less then a week to sell and move to our new home.”

– Colette, East Stroudsburg PA

Sell Your Mobile Home to Us – We Buy Mobile Homes In Winter Too!

It’s Never Winter Online

By 2018, 44% of home buyers look for homes online first. And why not? In the comfort of your own home, you can find:

  • Detailed property information, including annual taxes
  • Photos and videos
  • Hundreds, if not thousands, of properties in your general search area

Because it never snows on the internet, shoppers can take their time and look at whatever property catches their eye. Ensure that your mobile home’s online presence stands out by:

  • Repairing broken or weathered elements 
  • Shooting well-lit photos 
  • Cleaning/depersonalizing and organized rooms
  • Including images of park amenities, if applicable

Don’t overlook these online-focused tips for selling your home in the winter. They can help get people to see your place in person — and our final point offers additional tips for making that tour a success!  

Setting a Scene Couldn’t Be Easier

Imagine coming across an online listing for an affordable mobile home resplendent in holiday decorations, with thick blankets draped on a couch and steam rising from mugs of hot chocolate on the coffee table.

Who WOULDN’T want to visit that home?

Winter can be a beautiful time of year to dress your mobile home to impress. And not just in photos, but during showings, too.

Here’s how:

  • Ensure cleanliness by laying out clean doormats and removing any mud or snow tracked in by family members (especially the furry, four-legged kind!). 
  • Organize cleaning supplies just out of sight to make quick clean-ups easy.
  • Clear snow entirely from all walkways and parking areas, as well as from any outdoors features of note.
  • Ensure the home is bright. Don’t just blast every room with light; take advantage of any holiday decorations to lend the space some artful lighting.
  • Create an aroma that guests will remember. There’s never a better time to make a fresh batch of cookies!

While many people rely on the internet, some still go about house hunting the old-fashioned way: driving by homes or through neighborhoods.

The Most Important Winter Selling Number

Taking the right steps can help you make sure that there’s no single worst month to sell a house. After all, the only number that matters when you sell a home in the winter is “1.” Why that number? Because you only need one buyer! 

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Can you sell a mobile home in winter?

The short answer is a resounding “Yes!” But don’t stop reading yet. When it comes to selling in the winter, there are some tricks you should know about. It’s not easy. But it’s definitely possible! And for some people, it might be an even better choice than selling in the warm months.

Can selling in the winter actually be easier?

It can! Just think – for one thing, you don’t have to worry about landscaping in the winter. Unless you live in a warm climate like Florida’s, no one is going to expect to look at a mobile home with a perfect yard in the winter. At best, your yard will be covered in snow, at worst it will be brown and muddy. But since that’s completely natural and to be expected, you don’t have to worry about making it look pretty. That takes the pressure off!

Just be sure to shovel your driveway. Nothing turns off an interested buyer like wading through a foot or two of snow.

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We Buy Houses As-Is
You make the repairsDepends on the condition
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